Sycozoa arborescens multiplefan

Hartmeyer, R 1912
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Holozoidae
  • This species currently present specimens consisting of single and elaborate compound lobes connected by a common base.
  • Laterally flattened fan-shaped head (2-3 cm) carried on a long slender stalk (2-4 cm).
  • Zooids are arranged in double rows on either side of a common cloacal channel opening on the rim of the head.
  • Colonies are cream, orange, brown, brilliant white or bright blue in colour.
  • Zooids (1-2 mm in length) with short branchial, and slightly longer atrial siphon or atrial opening with a wide anterior lip.
  • The branchial sac has 4 rows of stigmata with 12-14 stigmata per row.
  • Male and female gonads mature at different times.
  • The male gonad consist of 4 to 6 testes follicles at the base of the intestinal loop.
  • A brood pouch to contain the developing larvae.
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