Polysyncraton millepore

Vasseur, P. 1969
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Didemnidae
  • Colonies large thin hard incrusting sheets.
  • Star-shaped spicules with conical rays are abundant in the test adding to firm consistence of the test and the mottled appearance.
  • Colour varies from dark and light grey to mustard yellow and purple.
  • Zooids (2-3 mm long) arranged in elaborated common cloacal systems.
  • Branchial siphon short and lobed, atrial opening with tongue like languet (may be bifid) on the rim of a large opening.
  • Retractor short and from the posterior end of the thorax.
  • The branchial sac has 4 rows of stigmata each with about 8-10 stigmata.
  • Gonads over the base of the gut loop, single ova and 3-5 male follicles under 4-6 coils of sperm duct.
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