Polyclinum isipingense smooth lobed

Sluiter, C. P. 1898
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Polyclinidae
  • Colonies form thick grey, brown to greenish sandy cushion (2-5 cm thick and 10-25 cm in diameter).
  • The surfaces of large elaborate colonies may be undulating or form uneven shallow lobes.
  • The surface is encrusted with sand and shell particles but slight depression around small central elevation on the surface of the colony suggest the presence of the common cloacal systems.
  • Interiorly the zooids are arranges in the outer layer (darker layer) with gelatinous translucent test, with sparse fine sand particles interiorly.
  • The arrangement of the zooids in circular systems and the short raised central tubular common cloacal aperture is more conspicuous in undisturbed species viewed in situ.
  • Branchial opening with 6 pointing lobes and atrial opening posterior of long languet with small teeth along the distal margin.
  • Branchial sac with 11-15 rows of stigmata with papillae on transverse vessels.
  • Stomach round and surface smooth.
  • Thorax, abdomen and posterior-abdomen constricted off each other.
  • Posterior abdomen sac-like contain ova and male testes follicles.
  • Larva incubated in upper part of the oviduct.
  • Larval (trunk 0.5mm long) has 3 adhesive organs with single vesicle in-between flanked by 4 ampulla on each side.
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