Distaplia skoogi

Michaelsen, W. 1934
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Holozoidae
  • Colonies large (10-20cm), thick folded encrusting cushion often growing on other invertebrates such as large sea fans.
  • Test consistency soft often falling apart when collected with the test seeming to "melt away".
  • Colour varies from white, cream, brown to purple and blue.
  • The zooid are visibly arrange in circular or oval systems.
  • Section through the specimen show and milky outer margin and a more transparent inner test.
  • The surface of the colony is often scarred by burrows of crustaceans.
  • Zooids (2-3 mm long), branchial siphon short and lobed.
  • Atrial opening with tongue shaped languet or lip.
  • Branchial sac with 4 rows of 20-22 stigmata.
  • Gonads are contained in a sac-like posterior abdomen connected to the abdomen by a narrow neck.
  • Larvae about 1 mm long.
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