Cystodytes dellachiajei

Millar, R. H. 1962
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Polycitoridae
  • Colonies are think encrusting mats free of encrusting material or epibionts.
  • Colour of living specimens vary from cream, yellow, brownish to lilac.
  • Spicules are disk shaped and arranged around the zooid to form a capsule.
  • The spicule capsule is sometimes visible through the surface of the colony test.
  • The zooid (about 5 mm long) are arranges around the closely groups atrial opening in the centre.
  • Siphons are lobed with the atrial siphon forming a long tube.
  • Branchial sac has 4 rows of stigmata each with about 20 stigmata.
  • Larvae are about 1 mm long with 3 adhesive papillae with 4 fan shaped ampulla (distal parts fused) on each side.
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