Aplidiopsis tubiferus

Monniot, C.; Monniot, F.; Griffiths, C. and Schleyer, M. 2001
Phylum Chordata
Class Ascidiacea
Order Aplousobranchia
Family Polyclinidae
  • Mushroom shaped colonies generally found is groups.
  • Colony consist of round head (2-3 cm in diameter on which the zooids open) on a short stalk (1-12 cm high).
  • Bright red to deep burgundy in colour.
  • The surface may or may not contain some sand particles.
  • Sand particles may be distributed sparsely in the interior test.
  • Zooids (4-6 mm long) are arranged in circular groups around a common cloacal opening, systems are not conspicuous.
  • Branchial opening with lobes and the atrial opening with languet which may vary in length.
  • The branchial sac contain 12-13 rows of 14-18 stigmata.
  • One to four ova and up to 20 male follicles are present in a sac-like posterior abdomen constricted off the abdomen.
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