Achnanthes yaquinensis

McIntire, C. D. and Reimer, C. W. 1974
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Bacillariophyceae
Order Achnanthales
Family Achnanthaceae
  • Valves nearly rhombus, smoothly rounded in the middle, cuneate (wedge-shaped) at the apices (endings).
  • Cells can measure from 33 - 45 ?m in length and 9 - 27 um in width with wide.
  • Striae (row of areolae) appear in a single row (uniseriate) on valves (ARV and RV) with 8 - 9 striae in 10 um.
  • Transapical striae nearly linear or slightly radial.
  • Cells with the marginal ridge and spines on the both terminal ends of the valve.
  • Marine littoral diatom found on rocky shores.
  • * Information compiled by Mr Pumlile Cotiyane
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